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Modern Art Screen Saver – Collection I

This collection includes 25 New Images from

the musuem-quality collection offered from the soon to be published in ExCetera, a book of feature artwork and poetry.


Price: $9.95


Modern Art Screen Saver – Collection II

This collection includes 25 Additional New Images adding more images to Collection I, or purchase as a separate collection.


Price: $9.95


Modern Art Screen Saver – Collection III

This collection includes 25 New Images Adding Many More Images to Collection I & II, or purchase this one as a separate collection.


Price: $9.95


Free Screen Saver: 5-images/Modern Art


Mac and PC Instructions:

More Museum - quality Screen Savers Available to Order:

See instructions below for Mac and PC installation.

Install on Macintosh

1. Once downloaded, click on the file to unstuff.


2. Drag and drop in the "System Folder" in the

"Library Folder" in the "Screen Saver Folder on

your hard drive You will be asked to "authenticate",

enter your athentication password, click OK.


3. Open the System Preferences on the Apple menu.

Click on "Desk top and Screen Saver."

You may activate your files for either or both.

For Screen Saver, click on Screen Saver at the top,

then click Pictures. This will open a "Choose Folder"

and Navigate to your folder with the Screen Savers.

Click on this new folder.


4. You will see your Preview. Close window,

you are done. Enjoy your new screen saver.


Install on PC

1. Once downloaded, double click on the file to unstuff.

2. Drag and drop the unpacked folder into the

"Documents Folder" or select this folder to place the

unpacked folder.

3. Right click on your desktop in an area that has no

open window or icon. Left click on Properties.

4. Click on the center tab (Screensaver) and then click

on the Settings button about midway down the screen.

Click on Browse and then locate the Screensaver folder.

Select it and click OK at the bottom of the screen. Click

OK at the bottom of the next screen. You should be

back to the original screen with the tabs at the top.

Select Preview next to the Settings button. This will

verify the screen savers are selected.

5. The same screen can be used to set one of the images

as a desktop. The settings screen allows you to adjust

how the screensaver will look and transition from image

to image.


6. Close the window and Enjoy!




Your FREE Screen Saver.




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5-images of Museum-quality Modern Art (works on both Mac or PC). Installation instructions are below. You can also order any one of the complete packages below for just $9.99 each. Each package includes 25 Fine Art, Museum-quality, Masterpieces. Make YOUR computer the envy of your peers.

Enjoy your FREE offer!

To order additional Museum-quality, Modern Art Screen Savers, see below. Order to expand your Screen Saving Library.


Order All 3 Collections and Save $5


Sample images

Sample images

Sample images

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